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Homeopathy in Practice (HiP), an exceptional publication for the homeopathy profession, is published by the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths (ARH).

Homeopathy in Practice is printed in FULL COLOUR!

In each edition of Homeopathy in Practice we explore issues which are of importance to practising homeopaths, and we keep readers up to date with the latest developments. Feature articles cover a range of topics which help to extend our knowledge and understanding homeopathy, our unique and complex system of medicine. Some articles published in HiP are literally ground-breaking!

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Ground-breaking articles

For example, the Summer/Autumn 2014 issue features a fascinating account of the current work of Nobel Prize winner, Professor Luc Montagnier, entitled ‘Rediscovering the memory of water’. Professor Montagnier has revisited and further developed the work started by the renowned French scientist Jacques Benveniste.

The theory of the ‘memory’ of water is regarded as controversial by some, because it states that water can reproduce the effects of a substance with which it has been in contact, even when there is no longer any trace of the substance in the water. However, Montagnier has devised a series of experiments which appear to support the ‘memory’ of water theory, and the article published in HiP explains the latest science behind this remarkable work. You can purchase a copy of the issue containing this fascinating article, by clicking here.

We have also published some special issues, which focus on a particular theme. These include:

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