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COVID-19 and the resulting stay-at-home orders have led to momentous changes in the way people work and communicate. Video conferencing platforms such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom have seen a massive increase in subscribers. In December 2019 Zoom had 10 million daily users and, by April 2020, that had risen to 300 million.
Although video conferencing is valuable when direct personal contact is restricted, the social dynamic in virtual meetings changes, and for some this has been challenging.
‘Zoom fatigue’, a feeling of mental and physical exhaustion, is now an acknowledged phenomenon. It is related to constant, close-up, interrogation-like eye contact even if you are not speaking or being addressed; images of others appear enormous and too close, violating our sense of personal space. This can trigger physiological states associated with high alert and fight-or-flight. Seeing one’s own image can also make users extremely self-aware which in turn can lead to self-esteem problems.
Focusing on several faces and various backgrounds at the same time, together with the use of the chat function can also lead to information overload.
That said, the adoption of video services has been useful for businesses, and for many individuals it has been a lifeline, offering a way out of total isolation.
This issue looks at the many and various ways in which we can all stay intricately connected, even through the most challenging of times.

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News from the Chair
Following the science  Karin Mont 4

News Feature

Healthy approaches for a healthy future: ARH Conference 2021 Various authors 7
The last weekend of this year’s lockdown was brightened up by the ARH 20th anniversary two-day conference. As last year’s conference was cancelled, we were all hungry to extend our knowledge and ‘meet’ colleagues and friends. Our first virtual conference, with much preparation behind the scenes, worked well; it drew first-class speakers and attendees from further afield than usual, and the platform created an immersive experience. The wide-ranging topics had something for everyone.

Whole Health Agriculture: Oxford Real Farming Conference 2021 Karen Seyersted 18
The Oxford Real Farming Conference (ORFC), organised by Whole Health Agriculture, went online and global too. Karen Seyersted fills us in on the topics discussed and the exciting studies being conducted, and how the conference provided a showcase for the potential of homeopathy and other CAMs in the treatment of livestock to an international audience.


COVID-19 vaccines and thrombosis: a review – Part one Yubraj Sharma 24

We are told that vaccination will help us to solve the problems created by the arrival of Covid-19. However, it is unlikely that they will be the answer to everything. In part one of his article, Yubraj Sharma investigates the adverse effects listed on the Yellow Card system (most likely to be underreported) – ranging from expected minor injection site reactions and short-term flu-like symptoms to severe reactions needing urgent medical attention. His focus is on thrombosis. He hopes that, in the long run, more integrative medical approaches will be adopted alongside conventional medical care. But this is just the beginning of the discussion.

Time traveller from 2055 Nhoj Eel 36

If we can believe Noj Eel, who time-travelled to 2055, there is hope for humanity: blind belief in media / financial / military control and mainstream religion will be a thing of the past and be replaced by agreement through common sense; healthcare will have undergone a complete change and people will take responsibility for their own health.

Not so much a book review, more a game of two hearts Lionel Milgrom 38

Lionel Milgrom has a scientific and a homeopathic heart which are in dialogue. He recognises that scientific conclusions are fluid and can be overridden by new insights at any time. In this article – originally planned as a book review of DA Johnson’s book on the homeopathic Periodic Table – his ‘two hearts’ are in dialogue about the interpretation of the Periodic Table. He finds compelling parallels between the nature of the elements of the Periodic Table and the personality of the equivalent homeopathic remedies, and concludes that there could be more to an element’s chemical and homeopathic properties than a transient metaphorical relationship.

The early Hahnemann – practice and theory Peter Morrell 48

Peter Morrell, after a brief look at the history of chemistry, indicates when many minerals, acids, metals, salts, poisons were introduced into medicine. Hahnemann originally followed this mainstream tradition used by other physicians at the time, before he realised that multiple drugs in crude doses didn’t acknowledge the idiosyncrasy of each case and also suppressed symptoms. Treatment should therefore be individualised and based on symptom totality, with small doses given in order to be curative.

Website Review

Alliance for Natural Health Chelsea Green 59

Chelsea Green investigates the ANH website whose vision it is for all individuals to be ‘able to enjoy their fundamental rights and freedom to choose natural health … without interference by governments or corporations’. There is a plethora of information on the website to empower users to take responsibility for their own health.


Homeopathy – Hippocratic Medicine by Mo Morrish 61

Your Holistic Business Recipe by Helen Harding 61

A State Of Fear by Laura Dodsworth 61