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Why do some people get COVID-19 repeatedly despite being fully vaccinated, whereas others seem to be unaffected – even without being vaccinated? Is this purely a matter of bad luck, or are some people just more susceptible than others?

By studying the blood cells of individuals who seem to already possess natural immunity to the virus, some top immunologists from Britain and Brazil are looking for an explanation. They hope the information provided by their research will help them to develop an effective vaccine for both existing and new variants. 

This issue of HiP again illustrates how much homeopathy has to offer the world – in terms of COVID-19 response and indeed all aspects of healthcare!

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News from the Chair
Who is afraid of rational debate?  Karin Mont 4

News Features

99th Faculty of Homeopathy Congress Meg Brinton and Karin Mont 10

Editorial team members Karin and Meg attended the 99th Faculty of Homeopathy Congress which took place in October 2021. This was an encouraging online event, with participants from all over the world. The theme was ‘Making positive waves’ and how homeopathy can make a difference. Naturally, COVID-19 was addressed by most speakers. Dr Bob Leckridge also debated why some people infected with COVID-19 had no symptoms at all, while others died or are still suffering from Long-COVID. Other topics included homeoprophylaxis, genus epidemicus, the treatment of COVID-19, and natural immunity.

The River School of Homeopathy Hilary Fairclough and Helen Johnson 14

Helen Johnson and Hilary Fairclough founded the River School of Homeopathy, complementing each other in different skills. Hilary’s approach was influenced by her experiences in Botswana, running the Maun Homeopathy Project; Helen was motivated by studying at the Guild of Homeopaths and their spiritual approach to healing. Both felt strongly that they didn’t want their students to be burdened by the Kentian model, i.e. finding ‘the one right remedy’ but that homeopathy is an art as well as a science.


COVID-19 vaccines and thrombosis: a review – Part two – Integrative approaches Yubraj Sharma 18

Blood is a vital fluid and blood health can be affected by COVID-19 vaccines, leading to blood stasis or thromboembolism. Yubraj Sharma, in part two of his article on adverse effects of vaccination listed on the Yellow Card system, focuses on complementary and integrative medicine such as anthroposophical, TCM and herbal approaches and homeopathy. He doesn’t mention doses of individual remedies as that would depend on the individual case.

Kenya School for Integrated Medicine – Analysis of homeopathic clinical practice Richard Pitt 27

Richard Pitt has run homeopathic clinics in rural parts of Kwale county, Kenya, for many years. He’s now supervising a European Un­ion project analysing clinical outcomes in homeopathic medical clinics run by the Kenya School for Integrated Medicine between 2015-2019. The aim is to provide evidence of the efficacy of homeopathic medicine as part of a developing healthcare system in Kenya. Results show that homeopathy has successfully treated a wide range of acute and chronic conditions.

Blood pathology testing in clinical homeopathic practice – Part one – Haematology and biochemistry markers Thierry Clerc 38

White blood cells in their different forms play an important role in the immune system response. In his clinical practice Thierry Clerc finds it very useful to use blood pathology testing before prescribing homeopathic remedies. Rather than using ‘normal’ blood ranges he asserts that ‘optimal’ blood ranges which are more narrowly defined provide a better insight into health, resistance to bacteria and viruses, and longevity.

Letter from America Sally Tamplin 46

Sally Tamplin talks about how COVID-19 in conjunction with unresolved social issues has affected America and that the individual states lack a cohesive policy. The response to the pandemic is driven by fear and the nation is divided over individuals’ rights, and the issue of vaccination. She emphasises how homeopathy can encourage natural immunity. Some of her colleagues have worked tirelessly in the field of natural immunity and homeoprophylaxis.


Potency – How strong is not strong enough? Amber Woodward-Brown 52

Amber Woodward-Brown, in her exploratory work, discusses the concept of potency – a major obstacle to the understanding of homeopathy by mainstream medicine, especially when it comes to high poten­cies where no material trace of the original substance is left. Another major stumbling block are the different prescribing methods. The fact, however, that no two humans are the same, is completely ignored by allopathic medicine. Amber suggests that we must strive for clarity.


Essential Natural Health Guide For Travel And Home by Richard Pitt 59

Healing Complex Children With Homeopathy by Angelica Lemke 59

Hormonal Harmony by Susanne Haegele 60

Finding Your Way Through The Forest Of Symptoms by Ton Jansen 61

Within The Pregnant Pause by Dr Amali Lokugamage 62