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The editorial team

The editorial team who produce Homeopathy in Practice (HiP), are a diverse group of individuals, with very different backgrounds. Each team member has a unique contribution to make to HiP, and as we are all practising homeopaths ourselves, we are in tune with the needs and concerns of the profession. HiP is published by the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths (ARH), with the intention of keeping readers up to date with events, activities and developments relevant to homeopathy, both in the UK, and beyond.

The news section takes an in-depth, sometimes critical, look at some of the issues which inform current healthcare delivery. Our feature articles help to develop our knowledge and understanding of our unique and complex system of medicine. Our aim is to explore all aspects of homeopathy in practice, and to inform and inspire our readers.

The editorial team meets on a quarterly basis to discuss and analyse responses to the most recent edition, and to plan future editions. We are a diverse group, who work well together, and we share a common goal; to produce a top quality journal for practising homeopaths.

Meet the editorial team

Sabine Wolff-CounihanSabine Wolff-Counihan – Editor

After graduating from the London College of Homoeopathy in 1997, I established my own part-time practice in North London while continuing to work in publishing at the same time. Since university I have been involved in publishing as researcher, writer and editor, covering a broad range of subjects and publications – in Germany and the UK.

When I was offered the role of editor of Homeopathy in Practice in 2004, I was delighted to accept such a challenging task which covered my professional interests in a more comprehensive way than my previous jobs in publishing. We have definitely come a long way as a publication, not least because I work together with an experienced and enthusiastic team from varying backgrounds, and authors who always introduce new and interesting qualities to our journal.

Being editor of Homeopathy in Practice is both a rewarding and stimulating job.


Meg BrintonMeg Brinton – Sub-editor

I graduated from the College of Homeopathy, London, in 1992; from the Dynamis School in 1993; the Dr Edward Bach Foundation in 1994; and the Guild of Homeopathy in 2001.

Since then I try to keep current; I read and listen, attend regular support group meetings, and hope this means I have an extensive knowledge and interest in our wonderful wide-ranging subject.

Aspects of my previous career involved writing press releases, and user-guides for computer programs in medical environments, so I have been able to offer these skills to this journal since its fourth issue, October 2002. I always look forward to our quarterly editorial meetings. We are a great team with different skills and strengths – we work hard and also really enjoy each other’s company. I hope it shows in the finished product.


Jo KettemanJo Ketteman – Book reviews

‘Originally a registered nurse and midwife, I worked in a natural childbirth unit where I witnessed homeopaths assisting pregnant women and babies. I was so impressed that I decided to train as a homeopath myself. Since qualifying in 1999 I have built a thriving practice in Chesham, Bucks, and was a founding member of Laceys Yard, a multidisciplinary therapy centre.

I am passionate about homeopathy and love to share knowledge, so for the last 10 years I have regularly lectured for various homeopathic colleges. I also run a postgraduate support group and a teaching clinic.

I am lucky enough to be part of the editorial team for Homeopathy in Practice with the specific responsibilities of organising the book reviews.


Karin MontKarin Mont

I graduated from the College of Homeopathy, London, in 1990 and have run my own practice in rural East Sussex ever since. In 2001, together with five like-minded colleagues, I became a founding Director of the ARH. My primary focus is to explore ways in which homeopathy can become a meaningful part of healthcare delivery in the UK, and beyond.

Currently, most national healthcare systems are overly dependent upon disease management, and tend to regard patients as ‘conditions’, instead of complex individuals with very diverse needs. This approach clearly isn’t working, and is unsustainable long term. I believe that homeopathy has an important role to play in delivering effective, patient-centred healthcare for the future.

My contributions to Homeopathy in Practice centre on the political environment in which we operate as healthcare professionals. It is a pleasure to work with such a committed and professional editorial team.


June SayerJune Sayer

Having discovered the benefits of homeopathy for my children when they were very young I decided to train in this wonderful subject graduating from the Hahnemann College of Homeopathy in 1992. I continued my complementary health journey by qualifying as a nutritionist, studied iridology and became a Reiki master/teacher and then went on to obtain a teaching diploma (DTTLS).

I have a busy practice in Rayleigh, Essex and my deep love of homeopathy led me to establish Sayer Complementary Health as a homeopathic training provider and am a member of the Homeopathic Course Providers Forum.

I am one of the founder directors of the ARH and enjoy working with engaging and diverse individuals in the Homeopathy in Practice journal team.  When I am not involved in homeopathy I love to dance Salsa.