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Water, described by Nobel laureate Albert von Szent-Györgyi as ‘the matrix of life’, is unique. It is essential to life on Earth – human, animal and plant. Water in its liquid form lubricates cells and enables the body’s cellular machinery to function. It acts as a solvent and delivery mechanism, dissolves vitamins and other essential nutrients and delivers them to cells. It also flushes out toxins from our bodies, regulates body temperature and aids metabolism. There are, however, lesser known but equally fascinating qualities of water which strongly support the fact that homeopathy works …

My second article of choice considers how we can best enter a professional relationship with our clients and provide a first class customer service. Tracy Karkut-Law emphasises how important it is to create a good first impression in order to be chosen as a homeopath and to create a lasting therapeutic relationship.

Editor’s choice – HiP – Autumn/Winter 2018 – page 9
A day in the life…Landmark conference ‘New Horizons in Water Science by Lionel Milgrom & Dana Ullman
A ground-breaking London conference brought together eminent scientists, physicians and homeopaths to present and discuss the latest research into the properties of water. Lionel Milgrom, scientist and homeopath, and Dana Ullman accepted the honourable task of summarising the symposium for us. The conference explored important questions such as whether dilution and succussion of a medical substance in water have an effect on the structure of water and whether there are any explanations for how homeopathic medicines persist in water solutions in multiple dilutions, even beyond the Avogadro limit. Research conducted supports the idea that information can be stored in the molecular structure of water’s semi-crystalline surface structure which, in turn, lends credence to high-dilution homeopathy. To read the full article, click here.

Editor’s choice – HiP – Autumn/Winter 2018 – page 19
First impressions count by Tracy Karkut-Law
As homeopaths, holistic healing and healthcare are at the heart of what we do, but it doesn’t begin and end there. When you stop and think about it, customer service plays an equal part in our work, or it should do. Take a few minutes to remember a time when you experienced exceptional service. What made it feel that way? To read the full article, click here.

Editor’s choice – HiP – Spring/Summer 2017 – page 34
Message to homeopaths: Business matters by Richard Eaton

Effectively organising our practice involves business planning, good rapport with clients, actively promoting ourselves by joining networking events and trade fairs, giving presentations, writing articles, producing good publicity material, and making use of social media, something which many of us hesitate to get involved with.

In this article, primarily aimed at new practitioners of homeopathy, Richard explores how a business focused approach to running a practice, can both help to defend our professional freedom, and ensure a successful practice.

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Editor’s choice – HiP – Spring/Summer 2017 – page 37
There’s something about Mary by Jo Ketteman

Over the past 10 years or so, being a homeopath has been difficult. There are the almost daily attacks in the media, the threatening behaviour of the so called ‘sceptics’ on Twitter, and the bullish attitude of the ASA. This state of affairs has led to many homeopaths leaving the profession, colleges closing and student numbers dwindling. Yet in the current, uncertain climate, there is a light shining brightly in Tunbridge Wells, Kent. The Southern College of Homeopathy is a place where the vital force is flowing. So how is the Southern College bucking the trend?

Jo Ketteman went to interview Mary Ellis, the college principal, to find out the secret of her success, and you can read the full interview by clicking here.