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Editor’s choice

When we graduate from college, we all dream of working in a thriving, sustainable homeopathic practice. Why does it only work out for some of us, while others struggle or give up practising altogether?

Richard Eaton is a firm believer in choosing a focused business approach to our practice, so one of my articles of choice for this issue is ‘Business matters‘. This is Richard’s exploration of how effective business planning combined, with good self-promotion and networking, are essential components to the establishment of a successful practice.

My second article of choice shows how one focused and determined individual, Mary Ellis, not only began practising homeopathy full time straight from college, but also went on to set up her own training course, which now has several new ‘branches’. Jo Ketteman recently interviewed Mary, and the resulting article, ‘There’s something about Mary‘, demonstrates just how much can be achieved with willpower, and an unwavering sense of purpose!

Editor’s choice – HiP – Spring/Summer 2017 – page 34
Message to homeopaths: Business matters by Richard Eaton

Effectively organising our practice involves business planning, good rapport with clients, actively promoting ourselves by joining networking events and trade fairs, giving presentations, writing articles, producing good publicity material, and making use of social media, something which many of us hesitate to get involved with.

In this article, primarily aimed at new practitioners of homeopathy, Richard explores how a business focused approach to running a practice, can both help to defend our professional freedom, and ensure a successful practice.

Read the full article by clicking here.


Editor’s choice – HiP – Spring/Summer 2017 – page 37
There’s something about Mary by Jo Ketteman

Over the past 10 years or so, being a homeopath has been difficult. There are the almost daily attacks in the media, the threatening behaviour of the so called ‘sceptics’ on Twitter, and the bullish attitude of the ASA. This state of affairs has led to many homeopaths leaving the profession, colleges closing and student numbers dwindling. Yet in the current, uncertain climate, there is a light shining brightly in Tunbridge Wells, Kent. The Southern College of Homeopathy is a place where the vital force is flowing. So how is the Southern College bucking the trend?

Jo Ketteman went to interview Mary Ellis, the college principal, to find out the secret of her success, and you can read the full interview by clicking here.

Editor’s choice – HiPWinter/Spring 2017 – page 48
Self-fulfilment through the integration of homeopathy, coherent breathing and Qigong © by Kenneth Silvestri
Kenneth Silvestri has found his own way to close the gap between patients’ presenting symptoms and desired treatment outcomes. With a combination of homeopathy, coherent breathing and Qigong he is able to create a supportive environment and enhance the homeopathic process which leads to optimum health and self-fulfilment.

As Kenneth says: ‘These resources (coherent breathing and Qigong) have also made my process of determining the simillimum more effective and enable me to create therapeutic plans that allow for profound, quicker and longer lasting change.

To find out how this works in practice, read the full article by clicking here.

Editor’s choice – HiP- Summer/Autumn 2016 – page 36
Honey fungus at Sonairte by Mark O’Sullivan
Did you know that homeopathy has a valuable role to play in agriculture?
Mark O’Sullivan presents a fascinating agrohomeopathic case – the treatment of trees susceptible to honey fungus. Find out what happened by reading the article, which can be downloaded by clicking here.