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Over 2,000 years ago, Ovid wrote the legend of Narcissus, a handsome Greek hunter who, seeing his own reflection in a pool, fell in love with that image, rejected anyone else, and pined away until he died. After his death, the flower narcissus grew at this location.
The concept of narcissism was popularised by Freud’s work on the ego and his essay ‘On Narcissism’ (1914) which became a subject of scientific interest in the field of psychology.
Narcissism lies on a spectrum, ranging from healthy self-love to excessive, pathological self-admiration, an inflated sense of self-importance, delusions of grandeur and a lack of empathy, covering up deep-rooted insecurities.
Is narcissism a modern epidemic? It has certainly been exacerbated by a breakdown in supportive social ties, the rise of social media and addiction to the likes of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter which have changed the way many of us communicate with each other.
There are no quick fixes for deeply ingrained behavioural patterns such as narcissism. Homeopathy can help to break up patterns, but we see more patients who have been emotionally entangled in a destructive dynamic with narcissists rather than narcissists themselves who usually see no reason to change their behaviour.

Editor’s choice – HiP – Autumn/Winter 2019 – page 16
HRI Conference, London 2019  by Lionel Milgrom
Homeopathic research is more alive than ever as Lionel Milgrom, who attended HRI’s biennial international event, documents. There is a collection of high-quality studies which have delivered empirical evidence that ultrahigh dilution drugs work and that studies can be repeated. Such research is not only carried out in the Western world either. To read the full article, click here.

Editor’s choice – HiP – Autumn/Winter 2019 – page 28
Beauty and the beast by Krista Masonis  
This is a very interesting article: Krista Masonis, a homeopath and expert on the topic, gives us useful information on the character traits of narcissists that we should look for, and guidance how to treat them and those affected by their destructive nature. As in all cases, a close look at the personal history is paramount. Long-term homeopathic treatment, together with other forms of support, can play an essential role in an emotional shift.

Editor’s choice – HiP – Spring/Summer 2019 – page 42
Revisiting and refreshing the five main miasms  by Sue Smith
Sue Smith recaps traditional thinking on miasmatic theory, i.e. inherited and acquired health susceptibilities, but she also looks at other ways in which miasms can be conceived and the role of epigenetics.
Read the full article by clicking here.

Editor’s choice – HiP – Winter/Spring 2019 – page 12
Time and money by Tracy Karkut-Law
The better the service we provide, the more likely we are to increase patient numbers. Tracy Karkut-Law has very practical ideas on how to go about it. If we have a simple booking and payment system in place, which our clients find convenient to use, we can focus on the smooth running of our practice, which makes us more professional, leads to a long-lasting therapeutic relationship and also creates more business. You can read the full article by clicking here.