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Water, described by Nobel laureate Albert von Szent-Györgyi as ‘the matrix of life’, is unique. It is essential to life on Earth – human, animal and plant. Water in its liquid form lubricates cells and enables the body’s cellular machinery to function. It acts as a solvent and delivery mechanism, dissolves vitamins and other essential nutrients and delivers them to cells. It also flushes out toxins from our bodies, regulates body temperature and aids metabolism. There are, however, lesser known but equally fascinating qualities of water which strongly support the fact that homeopathy works …

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News from the Chair
Let’s build a door!  Karin Mont 4

News in general 6

News Feature

A day in the life….Landmark conference on water science Lionel Milgrom & Dana Ullman 9
A ground-breaking London conference brought together eminent scientists, physicians and homeopaths to present and discuss the latest research into the properties of water. Lionel Milgrom, scientist and homeopath, and Dana Ullman accepted the honourable task of summarising the symposium for us. The conference explored important questions such as whether dilution and succussion of a medical substance in water have an effect on the structure of water and whether there are any explanations for how homeopathic medicines persist in water solutions in multiple dilutions, even beyond the Avogadro limit. Research conducted supports the idea that information can be stored in the molecular structure of water’s semi-crystalline surface structure which, in turn, lends credence to high-dilution homeopathy.

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Practice Matters

First impressions count Tracy Karkut-Law 19
We have to enter a professional relationship with our clients and provide a first class customer service. Tracy Karkut-Law emphasises how important it is to create a good first impression in order to be chosen as a homeopath and to create a lasting therapeutic relationship.
Curability and consent Stella Berg 23
A careful approach is required when we feel the need to be in ‘rescue mode’ without the prior consent of the person to be ‘rescued’. Stella Berg explores hidden motives, including her own, when we are not asked to intervene in a situation but feel obliged to ‘help’. This might well ring a bell for many of us …


Homeopathy – big ideas Mani Norland 26
Mani Norland shares ideas about what we could do as a profession to create a paradigm shift in the public attitude towards homeopathy. We’d like to hear from you should you have further suggestions that would enable us to get our message across.

Media Matters

The need for a public health debate Steve Scrutton 32
The mainstream media chooses not to report on revolutionary research event such as water conference, featured above. This is exactly Steve Scrutton’s starting point; he asserts that our perspective is continuously ignored by the media which rather slavishly reports news releases of the pharmaceutical industry but never scrutinises the safety and effectiveness of new treatments and drugs. Where is the urgently needed public health debate?


Ayahuasca, medicine of the jungle – part two Yubraj Sharma 37 
Ayahuasca is permeated by the ‘soul energy’ and ‘spiritual awareness’ of the practitioner, as Yubraj Sharma puts it. He was so enthralled by the plant and remedy that he has written three separate articles for us. You will now be able to find out about the different aspects of Ayahuasca – the plant sources, the pharmacology, the homeopathic remedy and the shamanic culture and ritual ceremonies – in three consecutive issues. Part two explores the pharmacology of this fascinating plant and its effects on the brain.
How do homeopaths treat their alcohol-dependent patients Julia Lockwood 48
Obviously, we need high profile research and ideas to boost a positive public image but we also need to carry out research on a smaller scale in order to be taken seriously. Julia Lockwood’s survey investigates how homeopaths treat alcohol-dependent patients and what issues they face. Although alcohol dependency is a multi-faceted problem which requires careful patient management and possibly a combined treatment approach, homeopathy can make a real difference to people’s lives


Dreams in Homeopathy by Prakash Vakil 56
Burnett Rediscovered by Dion Tabrett 56
Life is Meant for Losing by Torako Yui 57
Too Many Pills by James Le Fanu 58