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The focus of this special issue is Latin America covering a range of topics. Homeopathy is widely available throughout most of Latin America but its practice is as varied as its different cultures, landscapes and level of economic development.
Homeopathy arrived in some Latin American countries as early as the first quarter of the 19th century but, as in many other countries worldwide, it has experienced highs and lows since then. Latin America has produced some eminent homeopaths, and in certain areas homeopathy enjoys growing popularity.
In Brazil, Chile and Mexico, homeopathy is even integrated into the national healthcare system.

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News from the Chair
Homeopathy in Latin America – A snapshot  Karin Mont 4

News in general 6


In memory of Jerome Whitney Various authors 10
Family members, friends and colleagues pay tribute to Jerome Whitney, a much loved and respected champion of homeopathy, who worked tirelessly for the benefit of the profession for many years. Jerome was also a kind, generous and compassionate man, and he will be missed by all of us fortunate enough to have worked with him.


Ayahuasca, medicine of the jungle – part one Yubraj Sharma 16
Ayahuasca is permeated by the ‘soul energy’ and ‘spiritual awareness’ of the practitioner, as Yubraj Sharma puts it. He was so enthralled by the plant and remedy that he originally wrote one long article which could easily have filled half of this edition! You will now be able to find out about the different aspects of Ayahuasca – the plant sources, the pharmacology, the homeopathic remedy and the shamanic culture and ritual ceremonies – in three consecutive issues.
Gap year vaccinations Cathy Tennant 27
Cathy Tennant equipped her daughter with homeopathic remedies and supplements when she travelled to South America during her gap year. She gives useful advice on homeoprophylaxis, also covering a multitude of remedies for acute diseases along with an abundance of purely practical tips. This special edition provides further reassurance that homeopathy works – wherever and under whatever circumstances it is practised
The invigorated bond Dr Sergio Rozenholc 36
Sergio Rozenholc from Argentina broaches the issue of the doctor-patient relationship. As homeopaths we have to consider that we are ‘wounded healers’. Homeopath and patient influence each other. Awareness of ourselves will enable us to heal ourselves and be successful therapists.
Mammary fibroadenomas Dr Maria de los Angeles Salcedo Ríos 40
Maria de los Angeles from Bolivia is looking at the symptoms and homeopathic treatment of mammary fibroadenomas in a clinic setting. She makes the point that everyone develops illness in different ways and therefore remedies are only appropriate if they cover the physical as well as the mental and emotional aspects of the patient. Correctly chosen, the remedy restores a balanced state of health.
Contemporaneous nutrition as an obstacle to cure Dr Augusto Cura 48
Dietary and lifestyle changes have had an impact on health in many regions of Latin America, chronic diseases and obesity are on the increase and, as a result, health systems are becoming more and more overburdened.
Augusto Cura from Chile is looking into nutrition as an obstacle to cure. Many foods have lost their nutritional value as a result of modified agricultural practices and soil depletion; consumption of sugar and processed foods is on the increase. All this can have an effect on the development of disease and the symptoms we see in our daily practice.
Coca erythroxylon – sacred plant of the Incas Elizabeth Adalian 54
The remedy Coca derived from the plant with the same name, native to the Western regions of South America, was also used in ritual ceremonies by the Incas. As a homeopathic remedy it’s a must for altitude sickness – often a problem for people travelling to Latin America – but Elizabeth Adalian explores its possible further benefits.
HTSF brings homeopathy to Honduras Lauren Trimble 57
The single remedy approach isn’t always possible, as Lauren Trimble from Canada explains while sharing her experience of working with HTSF (Homéopathes de Terre Sans Frontières) which provides accessible healthcare to rural communities in Honduras. The combination remedies HTSF use are invaluable, particularly in areas faced with poverty, poor living conditions and undernourishment.


Forever Yin by Maria Jevtic 65
Practical Zen by Julian Daizan Skinner 65